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Stonewall Noise Orchestra - The Machine The Devil The Dope

Die Schwedenrocker legen ein zweites Video zum Album „The Machine The Devil The Dope“ nach. Simon Hjortek ( hat sich ins Zeug gelegt und passend zum Song „Superior #1“ ein Video animiert.

Simon zum Clip: "The video is an ever-changing beast with visuals inspired by classics such as Yellow Submarine and The Holy Mountain, it gives the viewer a peek into a distant world where anythingis possible and the laws of physics are as unpredictable as a drunk ostrich on roller skates."

Gitarrist Snicken dazu: "Simon did a fantastic job making the video, it really takes the song to another level. When I wrote the lyrics, I thought of it like some sort of observation report on mankind and it's weird behaviors, seen from an outside perspective. We're supposed to be the most intelligent creature on earth but it often seems like we're just running around clueless, scared and confused, acting like we got things under control even though we don't. Simon's wicked and unpredictable animations just fit perfect."

Und hier das wichtigste, das Video „Superior #1“ vom Album „ The Machine The Devil The Dope

Autor: Frank Reins

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